Memorial quilts displayed at Baystate

Organizers displayed the first quilt back in 1998

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – A solemn event at Baystate Children’s Hospital Saturday; the annual exhibits of memorial quilts. 22News found out why the quilt exhibit is so meaningful to parents who had children who have passed away.

For the sixteenth consecutive year the staff at Baystate Children’s Hospital displayed these memorial quilts. It’s an exhibit that represents parents’ memories of the children they lost through accidents or illness, but fondly remember through these personally crafted pieces of quilt.

Social worker Marjorie Bloom told 22News, “A group of us organized a memorial service and invited friends that had a loss the previous year. They come and help them create a quilt and the quilt is put together by volunteers.”

Organizers displayed the first quilt back in 1998.

Michelle Iarossi helped create that first quilt. She’s come back to the day of remembrance every year since to honor her child.

“Every year, sixteen years. We’re on the first quilt that was made in 1998,” said Iarossi. “It means a lot, again, just to remember them and appreciate what we have today.”

Each year family members and family friends come to quietly spend time looking at the quilt exhibit. Looking, and in most instances, also remembering.

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