Are bees, wasps, hornets bugging you?

Make sure spaces around piping or wires leading into your home are sealed

(WTNH) — The bee population is out in full force this time of year. Specifically the wasps and hornets.

“The last few weeks have been pretty crazy, a lot of bee calls,” said Michael Burns, owner of Green Smart Pest Control of Willington. “Nests are larger than usual.”

Burns has been making the rounds to many homes and schools trying to get rid of the issue. On this day he was spraying for bees that set up shop inside a light post on a sports field.

“Any spot they can get into — a tiny hole or a dumpster — they will get into it if they can. Especially if it’s a food source.”

So why are we seeing so many of them this time of year? Burns says the hives have reached their maximum size, which means they are swarming with bees. The bees aren’t only a problem outside, in some cases exterminators are finding them inside your house as well.

“As the weather gets colder they seek out heat as well as light. The lights inside out house mimic the sun to them.”

That’s why it’s crucial to make sure any spaces around piping or wires leading into your home are sealed up.

“A lot of times if you see them in the house, there’s a good chance they are somewhere in the house, usually in your eves, or in your attic or a wall space somewhere.”

Burns adds if you do have wasps or hornets in your home — don’t try to get rid of them yourself — call in an expert. And speaking of getting rid of them, Mother Nature should take care of the ones that are still outside.

“Usually when we get our first good frost that’s when the nests tend to die off,” he said.

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