“A Grizzly Experience” at The Big E

WEST SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (Mass Appeal) – If you’re heading to the Big E you’ll want to check out the Grizzly Bears! We spoke with animal trainer Dexter Osbourne, to learn more about “A Grizzly Experience.”

A Grizzly Experience
NOON, 3:30PM & 7:30PM

Learn about the Grizzly Bear, what to do if you encounter a bear in the wild and the magic of how bears are trained for the movies. You could even feed Tonk a “Bear Kabob!” Come see the amazing bond between Grizzly and man!

Get to know North America’s most prestigious predator, the Alaskan Grizzly Bear in an entertaining and educational show at the Avenue ShowPlace.

For more about New England’s Largest Fair head to TheBigE.com.

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