When to take out your air conditioner

CHICOPEE, Mass. (WWLP) – Even though autumn starts next week, it’s too early to be absolutely sure you won’t need the air conditioning again before next year.

Pick a neighborhood and you’re almost certain to find a lot of window air conditioning units still in place, ready for a late summer or early fall warm-up that may or may not happen.

With temperatures falling into the upper 30s earlier this week, you might be tempted to take the air conditioner out now.

“We haven’t been turning it on for a while, we’ve been throwing on the quilts…it’s still in, it’s still in, all of them. Just about the end of September he’ll [husband] be popping them out,” said Elizabeth Sanford from Springfield.

We’re almost at the point where normal high temperatures don’t get out of the 60s, but that doesn’t mean we won’t warm up. If history is anything to go by, early October the past two years we got into the upper 70s or lower 80s, so waiting until at least the second week of October to take the air conditioning out isn’t a bad idea.

A few non-weather factors might have you keeping your air conditioning in longer: Living on an upper floor, or getting lots of sunlight through your windows will keep your home warmer later into the autumn season.

Many of you expect to use the air conditioning at least once before cool autumn weather arrives for good. “Usually we get some hot weather, ‘Indian summer’ or something, so I don’t think it’s over yet so I’m sure we’ll get a few more days of use,” said Vinnie Bracci from Agawam.

If you do keep you’re A.C. in through early October, remember, even if it’s off it’s still going to let some cool air in on chilly nights. A potential weekend warm-up might mean you need you’re A.C. sooner than you’d think.

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