Stranger pays for dozens of meals at Chick-fil-a

(KRBC) Employees at one Abilene, Texas Chick-fil-A say they are used to seeing customers pay it forward, but they never expected to see such a large act of generosity as they did on Monday night.

At around 7 p.m. on Monday a man who identified himself simply as John ordered his food and handed the cashier $1,000.

“Here is ten $100 bills and I would like to pay everybody else in the line,” Brian LaCrois, the franchise owner said. “For the next hour, he bought everyone’s meal.”

The good deed would help serve 88 customer’s orders.

Team leader Duste Wolf says she was stunned when the employee approached her asking what to do.

“I asked him, did you win the lottery today?!” Wolf recalled. “He said Mondays are tough and wanted everyone to have a good day.”

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