Sneak Peek: “The Mysteries Of Laura”

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The Mysteries Of Laura

(NBC) “The Mysteries Of Laura” starring Debra Messing makes a special premiere tonight right after “America’s Got Talent” on NBC.

It’s a little bit cop drama and a little bit family comedy.

One of “The Mysteries Of Laura” is why the title character can’t get rid of her roguish estranged husband, played by Josh Lucas.

“I think he’s convinced no one will remain immune to his charms,” Lucas says of his character. “He’s a little delusional that way.”

That charm also extends to the twin boys who play the couple’s out-of-control sons.

“I’m a mom, and a mom of a son. It’s selfish of me how much I love having that as a part of the show,” Messing says.

And while Laura manages chaos at home, controlling chaos is also part of her job description as a cop.

“She’s really, really smart and great at what she does, and is dedicated and focused and reliable and strong,” Messing says.

“The Mysteries Of Laura” premieres tonight at 10 pm Eastern, but next week debuts in its regular time slot at 8 pm.

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