Saving money on your heating bill as the weather gets colder

You may want to get a home energy assessment

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) –  We’ve seen quite a bit of sunshine recently but is has started to feel more fall-like. 

And with temperatures getting down into the 30s and 40s at night chances are you might be turning on your heat pretty soon. But before you do that you should try and make your home more energy efficient so you aren’t wasting money. 

“If you’re turning down your thermostat that’s terrific and a really good way to start but if your windows aren’t sealed if your attic isn’t sealed if your insulation isn’t good what going to happen it’s still going to draw that heat out and again your going to be paying for heat that you’re not really using,” said WMECO spokesperson Priscilla Ress.

In fact you may want to start by getting a home energy assessment and have an expert check everything from your basement to your attic. 

“This year and last year I had the MassSave program. They come to your house and go through it to see what might be available for your house to save energy, so last year they put 12 inches of insulation in my attic,” said Joan Sutherland of Longmeadow.

If your furnace is old you may want to think about getting a newer more energy efficient one.

“This year put in a new burner, boiler so that should be helpful. It was about 35 years old the previous one,” said Bill Kennedy of East Longmeadow.

You can also get things like insulation window kits, foam seal tape and door bottoms that may help keep the heat in as well. 

For more information on getting a home energy assessment you can go to MassSave.

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