Revive your dying plants

CHICOPEE, Mass. (Mass Appeal) – If your indoor plants are dying, don’t give up on them, revive them! Master Gardener, The Green Thumb Guru Ed Sourdiffe, showed us how to fix our dying plants.

Revive your dying plants
1) All is not lost when a plant looks dead, it might just be dormant.
2) Check to see if there are any living stems, cut back starting from the farthest tips down to the roots to see if you see any green. If you find green living tissue then stop cutting. With woody stemmed plants, just scrape the bark at the farthest point and work you way back towards the trunk or roots. If you see green then its alive.
3) Sometime more water is not the answer, it might have been the problem. So don’t double up on your watering.
4) Plants can be forgiving if your plant looks poorly,maybe you placed it in the wrong part of the garden. Check out its needs online, in a book, or with a garden professional. And if in the wrong place replant in the right place.

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