Debra Messing talks “The Mysteries of Laura”

NEW YORK, NY. (Mass Appeal) – Columbo by day and disheveled by night, the star of “Mysteries of Laura.” is dealing with unruly kids and criminals and a soon to be ex. Emmy Award winning actress Debra Messing and Actor Josh Lucas joined us with a preview of NBC’s newest comedy.

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About the show:
Debra Messing (“Will & Grace”) stars as Laura Diamond, a brilliant NYPD homicide detective who balances her “Columbo” day job with a crazy family life that includes two unruly twin boys and a soon-to-be ex-husband (Josh Lucas) — also a cop — who just can’t seem to sign the divorce papers.

Between cleaning up after her boys and cleaning up the streets, she’d be the first to admit she has her “hot mess” moments in this hilariously authentic look at what it really means to be a “working mom” today. Somehow she makes it all work with the help of her sexy and understanding partner, and things becomes even more complicated when her husband ironically becomes her boss at the precinct. For Laura, every day is a high-wire balancing act.

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