Authorities cleaning up Springfield by ticketing violators

475 tickets have been issued for quality of life violations

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Springfield Police Officers are cracking down on people who litter, don’t maintain their property and have unregistered or junk cars in their yards.

“You should stop and have a conversation with someone. Bill with them. You know, explain to them why it’s not right to litter, you know what I mean, and they might pay attention a little more,” said Dasean Auston of Springfield.

The Springfield Police Department teamed up with Housing Code Enforcement to put pressure on those violators. So far, they’ve issued 475 tickets.

Residents are concerned that abandoned houses will lower the value of homes in the community and invite illegal activity.

“Stuff like this can bring, you know, crime, drugs and it shouldn’t happen in our neighborhoods. We should have our kids be able to enjoy our streets without the filth that gets dumped on to that property,” said Jennifer Arroyo of Springfield.

Over the past month, officers have focused special attention on Maple High Six Corners, Forest Park, East Springfield and Liberty Heights.

“Well, I mean, it’s a quality of life issue and for the obvious reasons. People don’t want to have junk yards that they’re across the street from, or their children playing in yards that are out there that are littered with debris and dangerous materials on top of just regular trash and rubbish and bulk items,” said Dave Cotter, Deputy Director of Code Enforcement.

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