Poison in the coffee?


(KPRC) Prosecutors in Houston, Texas opened testimony in the trial of cancer doctor Dr. Ana Maria Gonzalez-Angulo, telling jurors she was involved in a love triangle with colleague that mimicked the movie, “Fatal Attraction.”

“The defendant had a fatal attraction with Dr. Blumenschein,” Assistant District Attorney Justin Keiter told the jurors in opening statements Monday. “The evidence is going to show you she became absolutely and totally obsessed with him and wanting him.”

Keiter told jurors that Gonzalez-Angulo poisoned Blumenschein after he rejected her.

According to prosecutors and defense attorneys, Gonzalez-Angulo and Blumenschein became close while working together at M.D. Anderson Cancer Center. They began a consensual affair, described by both the prosecution and defense as a “casual sexual relationship,” while Blumenschein was still living with his girlfriend of more than a decade.

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