Life or death surgery on a goldfish?

Even at age 10, he could live another 20-plus years

MELBOURNE, Australia (CNN) – George the goldfish lives to swim another day.

The Australian goldfish was suffering from a giant tumor on his head. With the help of a skilled vet and lots of anesthetic-laced water, a prized pet keeps his place in the pond.

The owners of George the goldfish cared so much, they paid for George to have surgery to remove this giant tumor from his head.

Dr. Tristan Rich, of the Lort Smith Animal Hospital in Melbourne, Australia said, “The fish was having trouble eating, getting around, getting bullied by other fish.” Dr. Rich performed the surgery. It took about 45 minutes.

First, George was put in a bucket of water laced with an anesthetic. Then more anesthetic and water were trickled on the goldfish’s gills to keep him sedated as the tumor was removed.

George’s owners were given the choice: either operate; or put the goldfish to sleep. They considered the 10-year-old fish a family pet. Pip joyce, george’s owner said, “just as important really. These fish in this pond are beautiful. They bring a lot of pleasure to sit and watch.”

George is back in his pond, doing well after surgery. The vet says that tiny stitches didn’t really take, so he had to seal George up with tissue glue.

So how much was the bill for goldfish surgery? The animal hospital says a couple of hundred bucks.

George should be saying thanks. Even at age 10, he could live another 20-plus years. But folks, do not try this at home, unless you want to practice on the kind of goldfish that feed you instead of you feeding them.

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