Neighbors concerned after 4 sex offenders move into 1 house

Neighbors say they were never notified

NORWICH, Conn. (WTNH)– When Brian Curtin saw that the house next door to his Broad Street home was being renovated after being damaged by Irene he was happy, it would bring up the neighborhood. That was until he found out who was moving in.

Brian Curtin describes what he saw after he met his new neighbor, “as he was walking away, I noticed he has an ankle bracelet on.”

Curtin says he was never notified that four convicted sex offenders had moved in next door. He had to research it on his own. He found out two of the men were convicted for first degree sexual assault and one for crimes against a minor.

Curtin says, “these are violent first degree offenders that are predators. They shouldn’t be in that neighborhood.”

Curtin who is the city treasurer and a former city alderman says he is speaking out not for himself but for the families who live in this Norwich neighborhood.

“I’m concerned because my granddaughter comes to my house all the time and she goes to NFA. She walks that street,” said a woman who did not want to be identified.

She was also unaware who was living in the house which is run by REACH Reentry Assisted Community Housing. The men are placed there by the state.

The woman says, “I know that they need somewhere to live but that there are too many kids around here.”

If not here then where? Curtin suggests state owned property in the city. News 8 called the CT Department of Parole and Community Services. We were told there are 106 registered sex offenders living in Norwich and the two on parole living in the Broad Street house are under intense supervision. The other two are on probation.

Curtin says, “they’re worried about the rights of those four individuals in this case four I don’t know how many there are elsewhere but what about us?”

The city is notified when sex offenders move in but because notifications for the folks who live there came at different times, the city didn’t realize they were all living in the same house.

Residents in Connecticut wanting to know if there are sex offenders in their area can log onto the CT sex offender registry.  
Residents in Massachusetts wanting to know if there are sex offenders in their area can log onto the MA sex offender registry.  

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