Massachusetts drivers ruder than those in other states

WEST SPRINGFIELD Mass. (WWLP) –  They speed past cars, gun their engines, and take full advantage of beeping the horn. Rude drivers are everywhere, but a new survey said many are right here in Massachusetts, and local drivers like John Quinn of Chicopee agree.

“Nobody has any respect when driving, a lot of speed demons, law breakers, out laws out there,” Quinn said.

Drivers who took the online survey seem to agree. The survey asked drivers which state they think are the rudest in other states, and Massachusetts ranked fifth in the country for their behavior behind the wheel.

Many of the drivers polled embraced this bad behavior.

Mike Sampson is from Connecticut, but said he’s not the biggest fan of driving in Massachusetts. “It can be a little aggressive, a lot of left lane travel even if they’re not really passing. Just your morning commute can be a little dangerous sometimes, if you’re in the wrong areas,” Sampson said.

Marylin R. of Agawam disagrees, she said drivers in other states are just as impatient. “I think there are rude drivers everywhere, I don’t think it’s any different here in Massachusetts,” she said. says the rudest drivers in the country are in Idaho.

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