Licensed weapons aren’t allowed everywhere

Woman was arrested at the Big E for having a gun

Glock Hand Gun
Glock Hand Gun (file photo)

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – In most public places, aside from an airport, you can legally carry a gun if you have the Class A license, but in private places, it’s up to the property owner.

22News spoke with Attorney David Crevier of Crevier & Ryan in Springfield. He said a licensed gun owner can still carry the gun on all private property unless there’s a clear, noticeable sign on the property saying guns are prohibited.

In that case, you aren’t legally allowed to bring the gun. Crevier added, “If you carry a weapon there, you’re technically trespassing because you’re not complying with the right that someone’s giving you to enter their property, so private owners of restaurants can say, ‘No Weapons Here’ and if you come on with that weapon, you’re technically trespassing on their property.”

Still, he said you aren’t violating the state firearms law, but it’s a violation of the private property law.

On Saturday, West Springfield police arrested a woman at the “Big E” for having a gun on the grounds. The Eastern States Exposition is private property, and during the fair, the “Big E” does not allow patrons to carry guns.

In order to get a “license to carry,” you have to apply at your local police department and then take classes as well as get fingerprinted and a background screening.

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