Home run for baseball collector?

Wagner baseball card

(KRNV) A man from Sparks, Nevada has hit the jackpot after a last-minute bid during an online eBay auction landed him the mother of all baseball cards.

Jason Mars spends his days on eBay. A month ago, the Holy Grail of baseball cards – a Honus Wagner, one of 57 in existence – popped up in one of the online auctions.

“All of a sudden, it was going from 50 to 60 to 70, and within five minutes up real quick, and then went up to 150,” recalls Mars. “So I did my last bid at 170, all the money I had in my eBay account, you know, and just hoping and praying that nobody else would bid.”

The last-minute, midnight bid won, but the anxiety was not over. A genuine Honus Wagner can be worth anywhere from several hundred thousand, to over $2 million, but a fake is worth nothing.

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