Franklin County undecided on casino ballot question

Many people in Franklin County have not shown much interest yet

GREENFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – On November 4th, voters will vote on a question that could repeal the state gambling law.

Ballot question 3 asks, “Do you approve of a law that’s summarized below?” The proposed law prohibits the Gaming Commission from awarding any gambling licenses, and prohibits developers from building casinos in Massachusetts.

If you vote “yes” on question 3, you are voting against casinos being legal, while a “no” vote would keep the law as it is, which allows casinos including an MGM Resort for downtown Springfield.

Many people in Franklin County have not shown much interest yet.

Greenfield Town Clerk Deborah Tuttle told 22News, “I think that it being a forty minute drive. I think you’ll probably find interest once it’s up and going, because people won’t have to travel so far to Connecticut, and they’ll enjoy that it’s a shorter trip.”

Anthony Martinez of Greenfield said, “I’m not really interested in the politics of the system.”

Gregory Bovat, also of Greenfield, said “I’m voting no. Definitely no, because it hurts people.”

In September, voter turnout in Greenfield was 13 percent. If you can’t make it to the polls on November 4th, you can vote absentee; you have until noon before to fill out the form.

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