Where does MA rank in terms of having a fair tax system?

Montana is the fairest state on the list

BOSTON (WWLP) – The state may have the nickname “Taxachusetts,” but a new survey by Wallet Hub may have you thinking differently. Every state has a different tax system. Out of all fifty states, Massachusetts is ranked 19th in a Tax Fairness Survey.

The finance website Wallet Hub surveyed more than 1-thousand people about what they think a fair tax system looks like. They found that generally, all Americans believe wealthier households should be taxed higher compared to the middle and lower class.

However, in reality, most states were found to over-tax the poor and under-tax the rich. Montana is the fairest state on the list, while Washington is considered the most unfair.

President of the Massachusetts Taxpayers Foundation Michael Widmer isn’t surprised Massachusetts lands on the fair end of the list. “We don’t pay any sales taxes on groceries, a lot of states do, and we don’t pay it on clothing up to 275-dollars so most of the necessities of life that we purchase are not taxed under the sales tax.”

The survey shows the middle class are the most overtaxed in Arkansas, New York and Hawaii.

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