ISIS fearmongering demands global cooperation

President Obama has vowed to weaken ISIS with airstrikes

Obama's ISIS Strategy

SPRIGNFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – The Islamic State continues to hold large parts of Iraq and Syria, and the militants have threatened to kill more hostages.

After ISIS beheaded two American hostages, President Obama has vowed to weaken ISIS with airstrikes.

But in order to destroy ISIS, Western New England University professor John Baick told 22News the United States needs “a true global coalition.” He said, “If there was a group of Arab peacekeepers, of Arab soldiers, this would be something that’ll work much better, nations like Iraq, Iran and Syria are all part of this formula.”

In Paris, France, Secretary of State John Kerry said dozens of countries have pledged to support the United States efforts against ISIS, but the U.S. has not heard yet from a key player like Iran.

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