ISIS: Building a Coalition

ISIS: Building a Coalition

(NBC News) There are more growing pains in the coalition that the United States is cobbling together to fight the ISIS extremist army in Iraq and Syria.

ISIS has been driven out of 12 villages in Syria by the group YPK, but rival groups warn YPK is also anti-American.

It’s a reminder of the complexity and the dangers ahead.

Secretary of State John Kerry worked in Paris Monday with the 40 nation coalition, vowing to fight isis by any means necessary.

After the beheading of a British aid worker, the United Kingdom may more willing to join France, Australia and the United States in airstrikes against ISIS, and several Arab countries privately say they will participate.

But old religious divisions are clear. The Iraqis, Shiites, now say they don’t want airstrikes
by Arab Sunni nations in the coalition.

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