Great white takes a bite

shark attack

LA SELVA BEACH, Cali. (KSBW) Beau Browning was surfing 50 yards from shore at California’s Manresa State Beach Saturday when a 15-foot great white shark knocked him off of his surfboard.

“I caught my second wave, and barely got into it, and out of nowhere, I was popped into the air by probably like 10 feet, looked down, and saw a shark,” Browning said.

Browning said when the great white shark re-emerged from the surface, it chomped down on his surfboard, splitting it. His ankle was still tethered to his board by a leash, so when the shark began swimming deeper with the board on its mouth, it pulled him underwater.

“He took a bite on the way down. He finally let go, and I let go of my leash, and I was finally able to get up to the surface,” Browning said.

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