A look at the ballot questions you’ll decide in November

Gas tax, bottle deposit, casino, sick time issues to be resolved in November

A sign supporting Question 3 (repeal of the state's casino law) was planted on the lawn of this home in Longmeadow. Voters in November will decide the fate of four ballot questions.

LONGMEADOW, Mass. (WWLP) – The primary elections were about narrowing down candidates in the big races. In November, you’ll also make four important decisions for the state. At the top of the ballot, Massachusetts voters will determine new leaders. At the bottom are four ballot questions.

Question 1 asks if you want to get rid of a requirement that the state’s gas tax be adjusted annually based on Consumer Price Index. “Yes” would be to eliminate the requirement. “No” would keep the current law of allowing that annual adjustment. “Supporters say right now about 23 percent of water bottles and other non-carbonated beverages are actually recycled. They hope by expanding this law, more people will actually refund the bottled water for the 5 cent deposit. Opponents say this will be very costly to actually enact, and it could cost more for you to buy them at the store.

“It’s a win/win because recycling is good and you won’t have all the garbage in the street, even people who just walk around would pick them up and recycle them,” said Patty Waldo, a Springfield native.

Question 3 may be confusing in its wording. If you vote “yes,” you are voting against casinos being legal in Massachusetts. A “no” vote would keep the law as it is, which allows casinos, like the proposed MGM Resort for downtown Springfield.

Many voters in Western Massachusetts said they’ve already made their decision on casinos.

“I think it would bring a lot of business, however it might bring a lot of crime, it might take away from businesses, however, it might also bring a lot of extra traffic from Connecticut,” said Tracy Bycenski of West Springfield.

Question 4 asks if you think the state should require most companies to offer earned sick time to all employees. To read more about this ballot question and find out the exact wording on the November ballot, click here.

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