Good weather can double Big E attendance

WEST SPRINGFIELD, Mass (WWLP) — The weather was much better for Big E fairgoers today compared to the rainy conditions on Saturday.

Sunshine was out and the food was selling at the Big E on Sunday.

It was a much better weather day than Saturday which brought late afternoon downpours and clouds.

The weather has a major impact in the reason people choose to go to the Big E on a particular day.

Patrick Brough of Easthampton told 22News, “Especially if you have kids and you don’t want to be towing the kids around in the rain that’s definitely not fun so the weather plays a big role in when we come to the Big E.”

The Big E never shuts down because of rain, so for those who go on a wet day, it’s a different experience.

“We’ve been here when it rains, we bring a little poncho or something and walk around, stay mostly in the buildings, but we’ve been here when it rains. In some ways it has it’s own charm because it’s quiet,” said Diane Uliana of West Springfield.

The eastern states exposition gets 80 percent of its yearly revenue from this 17 day fair, so rainy days can hurt the bottom line with fewer people in attendance.

Big E CEO, Gene Cassidy told 22News, “All things being equal yesterday we should have had probably 113,000 to 120,000 people on the fairgrounds and I think we had maybe 50 to 52 thousand so the rain will knock at least 50 percent of our attendance out.”

Setting an opening day record attendance this year, vendors and visitors will hope the weather for the rest of the Big E is as good as it was last year.

It is going to be tough to beat the weather that they had last year at the Big E where high temperatures averaged near 71 degrees and it only really rained for one day.

With lots of sunshine in the forecast for this upcoming week the Big E is in with a chance of reaching the goal of 1.5 million in attendance, 20 thousand more than last year.

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