Many voters ignore candidates’ ballot qualifications

AGAWAM, Mass. (WWLP) – It’s a little extra something that political candidates hope will seal the deal: the qualifications line beneath their name on the ballot, where they’re allowed to list public offices they’ve held, veteran status, or other credentials. For example, Brett Vottero was the only democratic candidate for Hampden County DA to list his; but it didn’t stop Anthony Gulluni from winning the nomination.

Agawam town clerk Richard Theroux told 22News even though it’s part of the statute, he doesn’t think the majority of people take the time to read those credentials on election day. It’s all about name recognition in campaigns today; it’s why they’ve become so expensive.

“It’s all up to the commercials and the ads and the flyers you get in the paper. That’s unfortunate but it’s the way campaigns are today. It’s harder and harder because people are busier and busier in their lives. They’re not so involved in the process. We wish they were,” Theroux said.

One Springfield voter told 22News she has her mind made up before visiting the polls, but she can see where it might help some people.

“It could because some people who have that background of being a veteran or other things can really relate to where a persons coming from and understand their life story a little bit,” said Celine Bushior.

But she said she personally researches candidates’ stances on important issues, which you can’t really gather from that qualifications line.

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