Man suspected of killing second girlfriend

At age 17, Oberhansley killed his girlfriend days after she gave birth

(CNN/WHAS) – A man is in police custody, accused of killing his girlfriend, and this is not the first time the suspect has faced murder charges.

Edna Hall says she hadn’t seen her neighbor Tammy Jo Blanton recently but assumed it was because Tammy works a lot.

“She is really nice, you know, very friendly, we’d just talk and say hi, how are you; stuff like that.”

Jeffersonville P.D. said they’ve talked to some of Tammy’s friends who spoke with her Wednesday night. When Tammy didn’t show up to work Friday friends and coworkers got worried for her safety.

A friend called Jeffersonville police asking they go and check on her. When officers arrived to 329 Locust Street, they found Tammy dead in the bathroom.

“There was violence done to her body. Officers noticed that immediately.”

The man who answered the door, Tammy’s boyfriend, 33-year-old Joseph Oberhansley, has been arrested and charged with murder.

“Right now we believe there was some trouble that had started in the last day or two with them.”

This is not Oberhansley’s first brush with the law or even a murder charge. In 1998, as a 17-year-old in Utah, Oberhansley killed his girlfriend just days after she gave birth to their child. He then shot his mother and shot himself. He pleaded guilty and got 15 years in prison. He served 13 and was released in 2012.

Then just this summer Oberhansley led local police on a chase from Louisville to Jeffersonville that ended in Oberhansley’s arrest.

The Clark County prosecutor told WHAS-11 that he wanted to set a high bond to keep Oberhansley in jail, after the chase, but the judge lowered it.

Hollis says they don’t know yet how Tammy died, but they did recover several items from the home that may have been weapons.

“We do have an autopsy scheduled with the Kentucky Medical Examiner tomorrow morning where we will get cause and manner determined.”

Edna is still surprised this could have happened on her street.

“It, it’s kind of scary because it’s very safe, very safe around here. We’ve had no problems at all.”

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