Guns in the classroom

COLUMBIA, Missouri (KOMU) Missouri schools now have the option to allow specially trained teachers to carry guns following the state senate’s override of Governor Jay Nixon’s gun bill veto on Wednesday.

Still, guns likely won’t show up in classrooms anytime soon.

Columbia Public Schools says this law is too new to know if the district is going to make any changes.

“This just happened last night,” CPS Board of Education President Christine King said. “The board hasn’t talked about it.”

Not everyone agrees with having guns in schools.

“Well, I think it’s a terrible bill in the first place,” said Kathy Steinhoff, a Hickman High School teacher and parent. “I mean, it’s poorly written, it’s not very clear, and at the core of it, the idea of having guns in schools is such a bad idea. Kids and guns really do not mix.”

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