“Green Bonds” to go on sale next week

The money will fund clean water projects

Image: Thinkstock

BOSTON (WWLP) – Massachusetts sold $100-million worth of “Green Bonds” last year. The sale was so successful that the state now plans to sell more than double that amount.

It was the first of its kind; Massachusetts began selling “Green Bonds” last year, money borrowed from investors to fund environmentally-friendly projects statewide. The demand was so high that this year, the state plans to sell $350-million worth of “Green Bonds” beginning next week.

According Steven Grossman, (D) MA Treasurer, “A lot of people who have never bought a Massachusetts bond before are buying them to put in their portfolios. People want green, they want sustainable, they want energy-efficient. They want to know that you’re financing legitimately important projects.”

The money will fund clean water projects, energy-efficient state buildings and land and river preservation across Massachusetts. The “Green Bonds” are expected to go on sale Monday.

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