Banner to draw attention to racism

"Coming Together" hopes to advance their mission

AMHERST, Mass. (WWLP) – The group known as ‘Coming Together’ just launched a website and now they’re hanging a banner across South Pleasant Street in downtown Amherst.

Among the group’s goals: Drawing attention to racism both locally and nationally. They told 22News they hope to reverse racism by starting a dialogue and getting people to work together to address the issue. “Coming Together” hopes to advance their mission through speakers, videos, community get togethers and school projects.

Most people that spoke with 22News believe racism is still a problem. “I think in society, as a whole, there is still racism. I think the banner ‘Coming Together’ is a great thing to try and eliminate that racism or those few people that still have racist ideals,” said Faith Humbles of Amherst.

Sebastian Holst of Amherst said, “As long as racism exists it needs to be fought and people need to do something about it.”

Earlier this year, an Amherst Regional High School teacher was the target of racist graffiti in the school.

A Loaves and Fishes grant is funding the ‘Coming Together’ project.

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