Apple Watch mocking hits the web

Celebrities and jokers everywhere joined in

(CNN) – Sure, we’re all salivating to have one. Never has a watch looked so sensual. But that hasn’t stopped people from piling on.

Buzzfeed snickered that everyone made the exact same joke, strapping apples on wrists. Others turned apples into watch faces. Even carved a watch out of an apple.

And those who weren’t strapping on apples were taping on iPhones. Ricky Gervais tweeted that he just saved himself 350 quid. Comedy Central joked that “The Apple Watch finally allows users to ruin two devices when they reach into the toilet to retrieve their iPhone.”

And though the Apple Watch won’t enable you to communicate with your dog, some of what it can do was perfect for parody.

Ellen Degeneres tweeted, “So excited for the apple watch. For centuries we’ve checked the time by looking at our phones. Having it on your wrist? Genius.”

Late night show host Jimmy Kimmel said, “I’m glad Apple came out with a watch. I’m so tired of having to look all the way down to my hand. Now I can just look at my wrist and everything is right there.

One parody video says, “You can even set the date like on a regular watch. Oh, it’s got maps on it, kind of like the phone you already have.”

It was parodied in various languages. Even celebrities joined in the mockery, with Mia Farrow tweeting, “But I already have a watch.”

One comedy website imagined someone asking “Hey bro, you got the time? Yeah…it’s…hang on…just a sec…”

Maybe it will be a dud, or maybe someday we’ll be making fun of all the people who made fun of the apple watch.

Fashion designer Chris Benz tweeted, “iWatch is the new segway.”

Some even mocked the way the folks at apple celebrated the introduction. Revolutionary technology? Only time will tell, but will it tell it on an Apple Watch?

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