Dog attacks mailman in Springfield

Mail carrier injured in dog attack

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – A mailman is in the hospital after being attacked by a pit-bull in Springfield Thursday afternoon.

USPS spokesperson Christine Dugas told 22News mail carrier Randall McCutcheon is getting stitches in his leg after a dog attacked him on Huron Street near Van Horn Park.

Dugas said two dogs came running out of the front door and one attacked him. The dog’s owner, Angelica Ithier, told 22News the usual mail carrier would drop off the mail in the mailbox on the side of the house, there is no mailbox in the front of the house where the mailman went.

Ithier said nothing like this has ever happened before, she was also asleep at the time. The house did have a sign on the fence saying beware of dogs. “The dog just came storming out after him, that’s the only thing I can think of, because they’re never loose outside, they’re always inside our yard, we’ve never had a problem with them getting out. The only way they’ll bite somebody is if they come on our property and that’s what happened.”

A neighbor told 22News all of the streets mailboxes are at the front door instead of on the front lawn posing danger. Ithier said they put the mailbox at the end of their driveway to avoid incidents like this. The Postal Service told 22News the dog has been quarantined for never getting shots.

The USPS was unaware that the house had two dogs, they believed they only had one. If the mail carrier does choose to pursue a legal options, it will be a mutual decision with USPS and the carrier.

Dugas did not know McCutcheon’s age or how long he’s been working at the Postal Service. Ithier told 22News there was a lot of blood on the street, in front of the house by the time she got outside.

Dugas added that the dog is a pit-bull and because of the incident one dozen homes did not get their mail delivered, if mail comes into contact with anything like blood, the USPS won’t deliver it.

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