Does ISIS have an American social media guru?

Ahmad Abousamra grew up near Boston, holds both Syrian & U.S. passport

NEW YORK (CNN) – The FBI has a Boston man on its most wanted terrorist list. That man, Ahmad Abousamra, is suspected of helping ISIS with its American social media campaign.

Intelligence sources say it makes sense, ISIS would want to recruit a guy like American Ahmad Abousamra. He grew up near Boston, holds both a Syrian and U.S. passport and graduated from Northeastern University in Boston with a degree in the field of computer technology.

Believed to be in his early 30s, Abousamra is fluent in both English & Arabic. Although authorities will not confirm Abousamra’s role in ISIS if any, a law enforcement official tells CNN that they’re looking into whether he might be involved in the murder-group’s media wing, specifically its English social-media, including facebook, an on-line magazine and twitter, which recently suspended the group’s account.

Abousamra’s friend, American Tarek Mehanna was accused by the U.S. of heading the media wing of al Qaeda in Iraq, which morphed into ISIS. He is currently serving 17 years in the U.S. for providing material support to terrorists.

Both men were indicted together in 2009, accused of attending terror training camps in Yemen for the purpose of travelling to Iraq to kill U.S. troops. Abousamra was last seen in Syria with a woman & child believed to be his wife and daughter.

Ironically two years ago, the FBI tried using social media, specifically facebook & twitter, to find Abousamra.

Obviously we take very seriously the threat of American citizens who’ve joined terrorist organizations. We take additional care when thinking about options for taking them off the battlefield, your citizenship can not serve as a shield, if you take up arms against the United States.

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