Report: Suicide rates higher among elderly and poor

WHO report calls for improved national prevention plans

(NBC News/WWLP) – A new report reveals more than 800,000 people worldwide commit suicide each year.

The World Health Organization found 75 percent of suicides occur in poor or middle-income nations, and the most common methods include pesticide poisoning, hanging and firearms.

A psychiatrist told 22News if you suspect someone is depressed and a danger to themselves, speak up immediately.

Dr. Benjamin Liptzin of Baystate Medical Center said, “You should talk to the person and talk them into getting help. Help is available, treatment does work for depression but people have to ask for it and follow through with it.”

Globally, suicide rates are highest in people aged 70 and over, but in some countries, young people are most likely to take their own lives. The report calls for improved national prevention plans, stating only 28 countries have these programs in place.

Other suggested prevention methods include early identification of people with mental illness and continued contact and follow up care by health workers for those at risk of suicide.

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