Nancy Dell: Healthy Fish Sources; Whole Milk Yogurt

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1.We like fish. Is it always best to buy wild fish from the US?

Anne, South Hadley

      The American Heart Association and the Alzheimer’s Association recommend we eat fish at least twice a week.  Yet environmental groups warn that some fish can be contaminated with mercury, PCBs, and dioxins plus the world’s fish supply may be at risk because of destructive fishing methods.  The best fish does not have to be wild and from the US.  Here are some fish choices that are sustainable and low in toxins.


Albacore Tuna pole or troll

Pacific U.S. or BC


farmed U.S., Vietnam


hook & line, farmed U.S.
Salmon wild


Salmon (Verlasso) farmed


Mussels, Oysters, Bay Scallops wild or farmed


Aquaculture is continuously being improved and organizations like continue to update ratings.

2. I have seen more whole milk yogurt in the dairy case. Is this now considered more healthful? 

Jessie, Internet

Whole milk yogurt is making its way back into the dairy case but it is not the best option for most people. Animal fats like those found in cheese, whole milk and whole milk yogurt are higher in saturated fat which can lead to more belly fat.  The most recent study published in the journal Diabetes fed lean young people 3 muffins a day.  One group had muffins made with an unsaturated fat.  The second group ate muffins made with a saturated fat. After 7 weeks, both groups gained 3 and half pounds.  The saturated fat group gained more belly fat and the unsaturated fat group gained more muscle. So buy lower fat dairy and meats and replace saturated fat with more oils like olive and safflower oil.

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