Market Basket deal means high demand for farmers

Market Basket supermarket stalemate came to an end last week

GREENFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – They settled the Market Basket supermarket stalemate, but food production was impacted on many levels, including in the fields of western Massachusetts farmers.

Most farmers 22News spoke with Thursday are relieved, and say it was a high rate at which sales returned. Now they are busy at getting produce onto the trucks and onto the supermarkets shelves.

The Market Basket supermarket stalemate came to an end last week, restoring workers to the stores and work to local farmers in Franklin County.

Frank Ciesluk of Ciesluk Farms told 22News, “It’s picked up a little bit; I mean it’s helped out some since they finally reopened after their six weeks of just doing nothing, but everything is coming around now and everybody’s doing a little better.”

Many farms, including the Ciesluks’, had been worried about getting paid for freshly harvested produce intended for Market Basket. But many managed to stay afloat selling from their own farm stands or to other food brokers.

Nicole Ciesluk said, “Of course we’ll never make up for the loss from the summer and I’m sure a lot of other farmers won’t, but with any business you’re just happy everybody’s back to work and that they’ve worked out the deal.”

Some farmers tell 22News its a little late in the season to be picking some crops but demand from Market Basket is high and production is good.

Hughe Manheim of Manheim Farm said, “Mostly now we’re all to the supermarket chains so we don’t have to sell to the brokers at this point, which is great for business and good for the bottom line.”

Now farmers are looking forward to fresh crops with a promising yield.

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