Fetus found at sewage treatment plant

It appeared to have been about 6-months-old

STAMFORD, Conn. (WTNH) — Police are investigating after a human fetus was found at a waste water treatment facility.

Among the mounds of garbage, police say that’s the startling find workers discovered Saturday, and it appeared to have been about 6-months-old. Officials with the plant say the fetus was flushed down the toilet and eventually made its way to the treatment plant.

“I did see it unfortunately,” said Lieutenant Diedrich Hohn of the Stamford police. “It was developed you can definitely tell it wasn’t a doll definitely a fetus.”

Officials with the plant say the fetus went through a filtering system before getting caught in a pile and discovered by workers. They say it takes about 24 hours from the time something flushed down the toilet before it ends in the area where it was discovered .

Police believe it may have come in from Greenwich or Darien. It’s unknown if it was a boy or girl but it’s now with the medical examiners office.

“An autopsy was conducted and it showed that the fetus was most likely unviable,” said Hohn.

Police think the mother miscarried, but they are performing a DNA test to try to find the child’s mother because they believe she could have suffered health issues during the miscarriage. They say they do not intend to press charges.

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