Will a casino in Massachusetts really help financially?

The future of Mass. casinos is on hold until November

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Around 5,000 ex-casino workers began filing for unemployment Wednesday after Revel Casino closed in Atlantic City. Now, many residents here in western Massachusetts wonder if a casino in Springfield would really bring revenue to the community.

Anthony Vazquez of Springfield said, “If it doesn’t work in that area, what makes us think it’s going to work here?” The future of Massachusetts casinos is on hold until November, when voters decide whether to repeal the state gambling law.

One voter told 22News she hopes the law stays in tact, hoping to one day work in a casino herself. Kimberly Jameson said, “A lot of jobs are hard to come by now, a lot of people looking for work, so I think it would be a positive thing that will open up a ton of job opportunities in the city”

Although those hoping to repeal the gaming law argue, more jobs are lost in the areas around casinos than the amount of jobs casinos actually create. A new University of MassachusettsLowell Poll shows only 36 percent of voters say they would vote yes, to repeal the gaming law, subsequently banning casinos in the state.

However, a majority of the voters, 59 percent said they would vote to uphold the law. Jean Mancini of West Springfield said, “I absolutely think casinos are a big issue this year. I mean I’ll vote on a candidate depending on what their views are.”

Over the past five years, Atlantic City casino revenues fell by more than 50 percent. To make your voice heard on the fate of casinos in the state be sure to vote in November’s election.

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