What Do Your Selfies Say About You?

CHICOPEE, Mass. (Mass Appeal) – We’ve all done it, taken a selfie of ourselves. But does capturing an image of oneself mean you’re egotistical or suffering from low self-esteem? David Ryan Polgar from DavidRyanPolgar.com told us what your selfies say about you.

Tips with Selfie Esteem

Reality isn’t airbrushed! Don’t compare yourself to magazine covers.
Professional photos are well-known to incorporate a high amount of Photoshopping, often making the end result a distant cousin to the original picture. Waists are slimmed, lines are erases, teeth are whitened, and skin is smoothed out. Comparing yourself to a magazine cover can create an artificial expectation of how you should look.

Point the camera at the outside world.
Just because you see a beautiful sunset doesn’t mean that it needs a close-up of you face in it. If most every photo you take is a selfie, try easing up on being the star of the photo and instead be the star taking the photo.

Be careful of trolls.
The problem with putting yourself out on the Internet is that it may invite people only trying to inflict pain. YouTube is notorious for having a comment section filled with vitriol. The comment section can be disabled.

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