“Smoker’s Corner” near Easthampton H.S. is no more

EASTHAMPTON, Mass. (WWLP) – Some young people in Hampshire County were able to make a difference to prevent their fellow students from “lighting up” when they’re at school. Dozens of Easthampton High School students used to gather and smoke cigarettes at a spot known as the “Smoker’s Corner,” located across the street from the building.

Seeing this as a problem, Easthampton High senior Bryan Delaney and several of his classmates went to Easthampton’s Board of Health, and later the Town Council, in order to make it illegal to smoke in town parks (“Smoker’s Corner” is located in Nonotuck Park). He told 22News that some students who smoked actually appreciated not having to go to the corner.

“It was almost like coming out to us, it was a signal to us, they had mentioned if the smoking corner was eliminated it would give them more reason to quit, and they would quit too,” Delaney said.

The smokers have since abandoned “Smoker’s Corner,” but this isn’t the only thing that’s being done to combat smoking at Easthampton High. Cooley Dickinson Hospital has awarded the school a grant of several thousand dollars in order to help students quit smoking. The hospital has also donated $14,000 to make the corner into a garden.

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