Preventing burglars from breaking into your home

"L" shaped brackets can be screwed into the upper and lower sashes

AGAWAM, Mass. (WWLP) – It may now be September but over the last several days we’ve been dealing with high heat and humidity with temperatures up around 90 degrees.

Many of us have had to turn our air conditioners back on, but if your air conditioner is in a window it could be a target for burglars. There are some ways you can secure your window and your air conditioner to help prevent people from breaking into your home.

You can buy “L” shaped brackets that screw onto the upper and lower sashes to prevent someone from putting the window up.  

“When I mount it I mount it securely and I put brackets on the window so it can’t be lifted up therefore then you can’t pull it out without breaking the whole window,” said Frank Bowrys of Northampton. 

“If you have some scrap wood at home you can cut some pieces of scrap wood that would fit between the lower sash and the top plate of the window and that could also help prevent them from opening a window,” said Bruce Drewniany, the manager of Rocky’s Ace Hardware in Agawam.

You can also put in a sliding window lock on each side of the window frame or install a small window sensor alarm that would go off if anyone tries to move the air conditioner or open the window.

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