Millennial workers might be less honest

Study: Millennial workers more likely to take credit for someone else's work

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – They may be some of the brightest minds with the freshest ideas in your office. But are your millennial colleagues – from their late teens to early 30s, also the most dishonest? According to a new report by marketing firm DDB, millennials are more likely than their older coworkers to take credit for someone else’s work… and they do so about five times as often.

Researchers say there are a couple different explanations. To a lot of older Americans, millennials are infamous for their sense of entitlement. But because they struggled to enter the workforce in a recovering economy, others say they’re just more ruthless on the job.

“It’s more of a competitive nature. We’re all competitive. That’s what I love about my generation. It’s not necessarily dog eat dog but it’s certainly a rival sport. We all want to be the best,” said Esvin Tuesta.

But there are some employers and older colleagues who are rooting for the millennial worker. One man told 22News he was always impressed by the youngest employees in his office.

“They would put in the extra time to get stuff done. They were conscientious; all their ts crossed and is dotted. It was almost like they wanted to please upper management. They did a really good job,” said Bill Corbett.

Corbett added the millennials with whom he worked seemed thankful for their positions, especially when they saw layoffs among older coworkers. Plus many of their millennial peers – about 40%, are still looking for employment.

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