54 homeless, 5 firefighters injured after 9 alarm fire in Boston

Building evacuated due to fear of collapse

Photo Courtesy: WHDH.com

BRIGHTON, Mass. (WWLP/WHDH) – Firefighters in Boston controlled a multi-alarm fire at an apartment building in Boston’s Allston neighborhood near the intersection of Harvard Avenue and Brighton Avenue, Wednesday evening.

Five firefighters were injured while battling the huge blaze at the building on Harvard Terrace. The nine alarm fire started just before 6 o’clock Wednesday night, in the three-story brick structure.

Two firefighters injured were taken to the hospital, one with a shoulder injury and the other with smoke inhalation. The injuries of the other three firefighters were minor. Two bystanders were also hurt and taken to the hospital; their injuries are said to be minor.

Boston NBC Affiliate, WHDH is reporting that firefighters were approaching the fire from different angles including the ground, ladder hoses, and the roofs of attached apartments. From the ground, at least four apartments appeared to be destroyed with several additional units damaged.

Firefighters were at the apartment by 6:20 p.m. Preliminary searches show that everyone made it out of the building safely. At 7:30 p.m., the fire reached 9 alarms and the area was evacuated due to a fear of collapse. The fire was put out two hours after it started.

Fire Commissioner Joe Finn said the fire began at the rear of the building and spread to its roof. He said two adjacent buildings had smoke and water damage. About 54 residents are now homeless.

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