Farmington man stabbed to death at FL McDonald’s

FARMINGTON, Conn. (WTNH)– Kevin Adorno was on his way to Miami to propose to his girlfriend when he stopped at a McDonald’s and was stabbed to death.

His death has left family, friends and even strangers just stunned. Many people tell News 8 that 28-year-old Kevin Adorno was called the “mayor.”  Just a great, outgoing, thoughtful guy.  It’s not surprising he wanted to do something unique like bike miles and miles to propose. Many just heartbroken with the way this story ended.

The plan was to make a woman his wife and pedaling from Maryland to Miami to profess his love was the first part of the plan.

vero-beach-mcdonalds“He was gonna propose to his girlfriend.”

It’s a story that has hometown friends heartbroken. Adorno never made it to Miami.  It was  outside a McDonald’s in Vero Beach, Florida where police say he was stabbed several times in the chest and arm by 59-year-old Rene Herrera Cruz.  Adorno died a short time later at an area hospital.  Police say Cruz admitted to the stabbing as he saw Adorno on his cell phone.  He says he felt threatened and thought Adorno was directing people there to attack him.

“It’s very sad for Unionville, losing a great guy.  He came here a lot.  We all feel so bad. They were very close friends,” said Aspi Psaris, owner.

Aspi Psaris, owner of George’s Restaurant, says her son George was also close with Kevin.  Like her bartender, her son is so upset and couldn’t bring himself to talk about losing a guy who was full of life.

“As you see, all the boys are very sad,” said Psaris.

Adorno, a 2004 Farmington High School Graduate, certainly made an impact on adults who watched him and his two brothers and sister grow up.

Rene Herrera Cruz
Rene Herrera Cruz

“I just feel sorry for the whole family and our whole community.  They’re just a gift to Farmington, the Adorno family,” said Brian Hurlock, family friend.

Brian Hurlock says he remembers Kevin kicking the soccer ball around here in middle school on this field in Farmington and always had a big, bright smile.

“He never said a bad word about anybody and that’s a great characteristic to have a young man,” said Hurlock.

News 8 spoke with one of Kevin’s closest friends on the phone.  He was with his mom and fiance and says as you can imagine, this has been a nightmare and they’re just heartbroken.

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