DIY Shirt and Collar Stain Removers

CHICOPEE, Mass. (Mass Appeal) – Stains around the collar are a common problem for men. But what can you do to remove those tough stains and prevent future ones? Justin Haynes, Fashion Designer and Founder of Jus10H, shared tips and easy DIY cleaning solutions!

Remove Shirt Stains Easily
Spray bottle with Tide and Water
Baby Wipes and Alcohol
Seltzer water
Clean cloth rubbing in a hard circular motion is a quick was to get stains out on the go.

Shirt Color Stains
Patting 90%Rubbing Alcohol on your neck prior to putting on dress shirts will cut ring around color from hair products, lotions and Cologne
Spraying Tide/Water on you collar before washing or dry cleaning will remove hard surface dirt from lingering.
Never wear a Dress Shirt more than once with out washing or dry cleaning.. this will Also prevent the permanent collar stains

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