Avoiding menopause weight gain

menopause weight

(KPLC) Weighing in at the doctor’s office is something 58-year-old Lynn Wisenbaker has always disliked.

“I’ve always had to work at my weight,” she says. “About in my 40s, it just became harder and harder, and fat started building up in places it didn’t before.”

Like Lynn, many women can start feeling menopause symptoms in their 40s, with the average age for hitting menopause around 52 years old. O

B/GYN and weight loss physician Dr. Jennifer McCann with Women’s Clinic of Southwest Louisiana says estrogen loss causes a deterioration of muscle mass, which slows down the body’s calorie burning function.

“When you’re pre-menopausal, you tend to gain a little more fat tissue around the hips and as you go through that menopause transition, you actually gain more fat tissue around your waist and abdomen,” she explains.

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