Rude salespeople may be more effective, study says

People treated poorly spent about 10% more

CHICOPEE, Mass. (WWLP) – You may be able to recall a shopping experience when you didn’t like the way you were treated in the store. But did it impact how much money you spent?

A new marketing experiment to be published in the Journal of Consumer Research found customers who were treated poorly or given the cold shoulder by sales people spent about 10% more than other shoppers.

22News took the results of the study to local shoppers. Hannah Miller of Chicopee said that she found it hard to believe. She told 22News that would send her right out of the store.

“If they’re rude, you’re not going to want to spend money there,” Miller said. “If someone gave me the cold shoulder, I’d be like ‘alright, I’ll go find someone who will give me the time of day to help me find what I’m looking for.’”

Reseachers compared the experiment to children on the playground, who might work harder to impress popular or cool peers. They said it’s human nature to want to be accepted.

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