Residents seek answers on Sixteen Acres shooting

The murder occurred August 22nd

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Sixteen Acres neighbors have a lot of questions for Springfield Police. Last month’s murder on Allen Street has a lot of people worried about their safety.

Springfield residents who live near Allen Street and Bicentennial Highway admit their neighborhood isn’t immune to criminal activities. Walter Gould of Springfield told 22News, “We have domestics. We have robberies.”

But many people were shocked by what happened on Allen Street, early Friday morning on August 22nd.

When asked if she was startled by the news, Mary Dionne of Springfield said, “Very. And the concerns of how did this person get here? Why did this happen here? Did it come out of the city? Did it come from across the river?”

25-year-old Keith Gendreau was shot and killed near the McDonald’s on Allen St. His passenger, who was not hurt in the shooting, told police a car they did not recognize pulled up to the driver’s side and opened fire.

The Outer Belt Civic Association invited Springfield Police Commissioner John Barbieri to their monthly meeting. But Barbieri said he could not attend, citing the investigation. Neighbors hope to get answers soon.

Walter said, “To see if we need more patrols or anything. Really right now we’re in a catch-22 because really, nobody knows anything at this point. It’s kind of died down since the shooting happened.”

Dionne said, “All we want is to have everyone keep us informed, make us a part of this. Don’t push us away.”

Anyone with information on the shooting is asked to the Detective Bureau at (413) 787-6355.

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