Massachusetts voters aren’t taking sides

SPRINGFIELD Mass. (WWLP) – Massachusetts voters may be known for voting primarily Democratic in elections, but this year, a new pattern has emerged, fewer Democratic voters and more independents. Tony Cignoli, a 22News political expert, says that the turnout could be different this year.

“There are more independents than there are Democrats and Republicans; they feel like they’ve got more of a voice. And many of them realize, they can vote Democrat or Republican in this upcoming primary,“ he said.

On September 9th, independent voters will have the freedom to cast a ballot for any candidate; regardless of their party affiliation, while others are constrained to voting based on which political party they’re registered with.

The state elections division says in Massachusetts, the majority of voters are now registered independent, instead of identifying with a major party.

Michael Stone, a Springfield voter told 22News voters are probably eliminating their party preference for the same reason he did.

“They just don’t trust government anymore. You know, they don’t trust people coming into office, and lying to us. People coming into the community and saying the right things then once they get into office, you don’t see them no more. None of the issues get resolved,” he said.

Attie Williams, a voter from Springfield, said the key to elections isn’t party affiliation, it’s simply showing up to the polls. “I’ve always voted because I’ve figured if you vote, and you get involved, then you know what’s going on. It means you really know a lot, you find out a lot, as the years go on,” she said.

In Massachusetts, more than half of the 4.26 million registered voters are independents, 10.95% percent are Republicans, and 35.4 percent are Democrats.

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