UMass Amherst breaks a world record

This is the fifth Guinness world record UMass Amherst has broken

AMHERST, Mass. (WWLP) – UMass Amherst has broken a world record by serving over 3,000 people a New England clambake in one and a half hours.

There is no previous record for a New England clambake, but Guinness has set the minimum servings to 1,500 people within 8 hours. One New England clambake plate needed to include lobster, clams, steamers, sweet corn and potato. Originally, UMass Amherst had planned on serving 3,000 people in two hours.

“To have this kind of memory of setting a Guinness World Record is really a way to welcome them to the community,” said Kumble Subbaswamy.

Allie Brady, a UMass Senior, told 22News, “It’s going to be awesome for the people of the Amherst community to meet the people from the school. Kind of join as one community rather than the separation that we normally have.”

This event also helped to support local businesses since a lot of the ingredients and materials needed are being brought from them.

Clambake wasn’t the only thing being cooked up. A barbecue was offered to people who don’t eat seafood. There were more 200 volunteers tasked with setting up, cooking, serving and cleaning. This event is part of the “Welcome to UMass Amherst” festivities.

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