Local students write, produce & star in film

CHICOPEE, Mass. (Mass Appeal) – Local teens have been hard at work writing, producing, directing AND starring in a triology about darkness and light.
Joining us to share more about what it takes to complete such a project are Co-creator, director & actor Jack Dalton, co-creator & actress Jenna Phelan and Actors Ryan Imelio and Mahak Kanjolia.

About the Film:

“Conservators” is an original RHVTV (RandomHomemadeVideos Television) film trilogy centering around a teenage girl, Elizabeth, who finds herself out of the
social boundaries of the late 1800s, and immersed in a world of good and evil, fending off dark spirits who lust for power, With the aid of a forest dweller and
a ghost from the past, along with a mysterious group of beings known as “Conservators”, Elizabeth finds herself in the middle of a centuries-old war between
light and darkness, and revealing a destiny that she has yet to fulfill.

See “Conservators III”

Student Written, Produced & Directed

Thursday, September 18th


Greenfield Garden Cinema
361 Main Street

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