A reason to celebrate minimum wage this Labor Day

CHICOPEE, Mass. (WWLP) – Workers across the state are looking forward to bigger paychecks in the coming years. For the first time since 1999, Massachusetts can celebrate an increase in minimum wage this Labor Day.

By 2017, Bay Staters will have the highest minimum wage in the nation. Nearly 6 hundred thousand workers will see an increase from $8 an hour, to $11 an hour over the next three years. MassBudget says the boost will allow families to spend more locally, building a stronger economy with greater opportunity for low and middle income families.

In western Massachusetts, local residents like Corrine Costello believe it could help families make ends meet.  “I think a lot of prices have gone up, especially grocery prices are a lot more of an increase. Other than that, I think everythings pretty good,” she said.

MassBudget says income has grown overall in recent years, but very few low and middle income workers have benefited. The changes are expected to provide families with more economic security, which MassBudgert says will promote a stronger overall economy.

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